Your representing PhD sudents / Glob'Alps

Elected PhDs

The elected doctoral students (5 full members) are part of the Doctoral School Council. They are the representatives of all doctoral students in Chemistry and Life Sciences and are voting members of the council. Their role is to have a close link with all CSV PhDs , by raising their questions and needs as well as relaying useful information. They are a driving force in the life of the ED (organization of events, activities, setting up of surveys...).

CSV's elected doctoral student representatives are spread over the 3 geographical sites in Grenoble (SMH Campus, Health Campus and Presqu'Ile) which enables them to be close to all EDCSV doctoral students.

If you have any questions, ideas, needs or other, do not hesitate to contact them!
docotrants elus CSV 2022
Aurianne Guitton (Presqu'Ile, SyMMES & DCM,
Vaitson Cumaku (BioSanté,
Jordan Cossu (Campus SMH, DCM & CERMAV,
Elda Bauda (Presqu'ile, IBS,
Samuel Naudi Fabra (Presqu'ile, IBS,


Glob'Alps association

The Chemistry & Life Sciences young researchers Association.
This PhD Student's association creates scientifics and non scientifics events such as afterwork, board game evening or vulgarization event to create social links between students of different laboratories of the EDSCV.
To learn more about our activities or to contact us you can find us on Facebook @asso.globalps or send us an email: