My Thesis in 180s

To condense years of research in three minutes, in a simple and playful way, in front of a jury of professionals and an audience of non-specialists: this is the challenge launched to all doctoral students of the Grenoble Alpes University Community in the international competition My thesis in 180 seconds.

Let's support our EDCSV candidates in the local final :

    Maxime LEPRINCE - CERMAV (CNRS) and CEA-Leti " Développement d'encres et d'hydrogels conducteurs et résorbables pour le stimulus et le suivis de tissus biologiques".
    Damien MOUCHEL DIT LEGUERRIER - DCM (CNRS / UGA) "Synthèse de complexes rédox-actifs pour l'imagerie médicale".
    Céline TARDY - GIN (Inserm / UGA) "Guidage axonal lors de la régénération du système nerveux central".

Calendar of the 2020 edition :

    Deadline for registration: December 10th, 2019
    Local pre-selection: February 14th , 2020 (EST Building - University Estate)
    Local Final: March 17th, 2020 (MC2)
    National semi-final in Paris: 2-4 April 2020
    National Final: mid-June 2020
    International Final in Paris: late September - early October 2020

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National site of the 2020 edition: