Difficulties during the thesis

In the event of a difficult situation during the thesis, what to do and who to contact?

Depending on the type of problem (health, personal problem, relational problem...), several actions are possible. You can discuss it at any time with the people mentioned below (see list), but don't stay without acting. The ISC is also an important moment to share your difficulties related to the thesis.

In particular, it is possible to transmit useful information and to address the Doctoral School in a confidential manner.

List of centers or people you can contact (non-exhaustive list) :

- The Director of EDCSV
- Your thesis director (or your co-directors / co-supervisors)
- Your lab director
- Members of the CSI committee
-  The elected PhD students of EDCSV
- Your laboratory referent
- The health centre (https://centre-sante.univ-grenoble-alpes.fr/)


Any major unresolved conflict between a doctoral student and his/her thesis director (or the director of the doctoral student's host team, the director of the host research unit, or other) must be brought to the attention of the Doctoral School's Management as soon as possible. In view of the problems or difficulties encountered, the Direction of the Doctoral School can then set up mediation. The supervisors, the director of the research unit and the doctoral student will be consulted separately, then the Direction of the Doctoral School will propose a method of conflict resolution at a meeting of the different partners. The PhD student may be accompanied by another doctoral student (or another person of his/her choice) if he/she wishes.