Apply to the EDCSV competition 2021


In order to be eligible for a doctoral contract, you must hold a French Research Master's degree (as of October 1st of the year of the competition) or an equivalent diploma.
The files of candidates who are eligible for the competition and hold a foreign degree or a French professional Master's degree will be submitted to the equivalence commission of the doctoral college (the ED will be in charge of this phase, which will therefore be transparent for the candidates).


Terms and conditions of the Competition

The policy for awarding these contracts is based on the excellence of the candidates regardless of any thematic or laboratory orientation. The selection and awarding procedure for UGA doctoral contracts is based on competition and includes the steps described below, according to the calendar provided at the bottom of the page. Access to the competition is reserved in priority to students who have obtained (or will obtain) their master's degree in the year of the competition.

1 - Candidate on a thesis subject in order to obtain a doctoral contract :

The list of thesis subjects proposed by the laboratories is available on the following link: «Propositions de sujets de thèse». You must apply directly on the thesis subject of your choice and fill in an application form containing a summary of your university course, the traineeships you have completed and a covering letter.

The following documents must be uploaded in your application area as a single pdf document:

- A Curriculum Vitae
- A copy of the candidate's university degrees
- Transcripts for the last 3 academic years including the 1st semester of Master 2 (or engineer) with average and rank in the class for each degree (official document required).
- Any other document that may support the application may be added to this file: publications by the candidate in a peer-reviewed journal, awards, letters of recommendation, etc.

Don't forget to click on "Finalize my application."

If the thesis director is interested in your application, he will contact you for an interview. If, following this interview, the thesis director accepts your application, he will sign the application form and validate your application on the ADUM website.

Then, your supervisor  should  send the scanned copy of the signed application form to .

2 - Eligibility for the competition: selection on files

Due to the current pandemic, the 2021 competition cannot be held as originally planned and will be held in a similar way to 2020.  This procedure has been approved by the ED Board.
The selection will be made on the basis of the dossier, by the Doctoral School office, in the presence of scrutineers (members of the board/elected doctoral students) who will check the regularity and fairness of the selection. The committee will select the best applications, based on the candidates' academic results. The quality of the competition is such that a candidate who is not in the top third of the ranking of his or her M1 and M2-S9 master's degree has little chance of being selected.

15 candidates will be selected and then approximately 15 others will be placed on a complementary list. All candidates will then be informed rapidly of the status of their file (towards the end of May or beginning of June). The 15 selected candidates will then be auditioned (see next section)

3 - Interview of candidates

The 15 selected candidates will be auditioned via videoconference (beginning of June) by a jury of 4 to 6 people composed of members of the ED board, specialists and non-specialists of the scientific field proposed for the thesis subject. A scrutineer (member of the ED board) will also be present. The aim of this audition will be to validate the aptitude of the candidates to carry out a thesis (in particular, the scientific level, the understanding of the thesis project and the motivation will be evaluated).

If a candidate has not convinced the jury of his or her aptitude to pursue a thesis or if his or her level has been judged to be below that required for the competition, his or her application will not be validated and a candidate from the complementary list will then be auditioned (auditions on a rolling basis). If a candidate withdraws, the complementary list will also be called upon. We thank you for your understanding
*The exact procedure will be sent to the candidates

The results are published on the ED website after validation of the ranking by the ED council.


Calendar 2021 :

  • Deadline for validation of applications (favourable validation on adum + sending the application form signed by the thesis director to April 15th, 2021, 12:00 p.m.
  • Selection of candidates: end of May 2021
  • Interview of candidates: beginning of June 2021